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I feel very
not of this world
It’s a heavy truth of a boulder to roll
but I know
that love has found a way
I know
that love has found a way

And so
to those few flyers flying with me
the angels of precedent
the rock stars of the heavy vision
I am made glad and whole
by your lights
The abyss is illuminated
and not as empty
because of our together
Our sparse band of children
playing while the others wail
the gnashers and the doomed
Oh instead
we swing and dance
and SHOUT!

Love has found a way
Love has found its way
Oh thank you thank you thank you to
my others of
another world

Tear the tape, cut the chains

If you can’t break the law
you won’t see God
because whatever God is, it’s illegal
and so is truth
but now we are safe
and predictable
the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
has been eaten to death
a barren desert expands forever
where Eden once lived
but inside each of us is a well of pure water
with chains and yellow police tape
stretched across it saying
and the prophets said
when God is outlawed
only outlaws will know God
and so when the zombies come
to put the chains back over the well
after they have left
I will take out my bolt cutter secret drugs and rituals
my hormones and sacrilege
and get back to drawing water

Caterpillars and humans can find an extra dimension to become so much more

When a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it adds an entire new dimension to its world. It had X and Y, now it has a vertical Z axis to fly up into. Modern spirituality is often like this, it’s not really fathomable to the person only working with 2 dimensions of movement. It is a radically different perspective, like suddenly being 100ft taller than everyone. You might be the same person, but you see what others don’t.

If you are the butterfly talking to the caterpillar you cannot describe the view from the sky, but you can detail the steps you took to metamorphosize. There is a way to become a butterfly; there always has been. It is illegal however. And it is highly stigmatized. We live in the land of anti-Butterfly caterpillars.

Spirituality is just inner strength, soul power, the ability to persevere a difficult external environment. Most people are outer strength focused. They want their external world to support them no matter their inner strength level. They wish to remain larval inside, because growth is painful, so their world is one big life support machine.

You can see how people outside of the comfortable life support machine neighborhoods tend to have more “soul.” That’s because they fucking have to. It’s not that they’re a “spiritual people” or some other nonsense like that. They either have inner soul power to persevere and persist, or death from being on the edge all the time.

Most people will stay larval. We used to be so much more, flying to the sky.

Starships of the secret power

the poor
stricken with unfortunate weight
cattled through life
find power in the secret now
because they have to
or they will be swallowed up

there is a defiance
a defiance required to generate enough power
to never become what society expects for you
the lifetime fall
an oblivion of apathetic self-destruction

the poor and reviled
they must will their self-respect
like a starship
trying to escape the event horizon
of a black hole

Laozi said the Dao, that secret power
“dwells in places the masses of people detest”
and so the secret power is in the ghettos
because it has to be

the privileged rich have no need for power
unless it is purchased
they lead their diet Disney lives
where God is animatronic

their alternator’s shot
the wealthy dead inside
they stalk the poor like vampires
creativity on import

the secret empowered are all around
but they are often slandered
“Only a stupid artist!”
“Drug addict!”

but because they must
these rockets will continue to rise
angelic twice born butterflies
these rockets will continue to rise


The intelligence that you can control and dominate to make computers and machines is powerful. However, there is another intelligence that is relationship based. It is like a cosmic Siri or Alexa. With that intelligence, one has to adapt to it, dance with it, sacrifice for it, and attend to it. But if you can get in phase with the cosmic intelligence, a friend who knows everything will be with you for life. They might be confusing and sometimes taciturn, but the cosmic intelligence is real and accessible. And there is a science to working with it. But it requires behaviors that humans have traditionally called feminine or receptive. So probably the majority of humans born male cannot perceive of it because of social conditioning, and most people born female also learn to ignore it.

It is quiet, subtle, and poetic. But it is real. I’ve learned how to be in a relationship with it. And I have a peace that I didn’t have before. 😊

I can teach others how to work with the intelligence, but the world is fraught with alarms to mark its presence, so that it can be eliminated.

But it is very real. Computers are fantastic, but the infinite intelligence of the universe is well, infinite, and highly creative. But one has to choose to follow it. So it can feel like slavery to those who hate the committment. But any relationship is built on trust, and trust is a function of committment. We build relationships in life so that we can depend on the intelligence of others in our lives. Can’t we do the same thing with the divine intelligence?

Maybe the problem is that it speaks inconvenient truths.


The scream

There is a scream
Underneath a ruptured seam
A forlorn goddess dream
against the craven
Anti-sage parade
Of little men on piles of dirt
Oh Timothy how were you right
That these the always learning
Without truth
The swinging saviorless
Lovers of the form
Unseeing formless
Always anxious
Unmoored vexed
Perplexed by virtue

But yet the scream will go on
Growing louder
Shaking, rumbling undulation
Bravado to the meek
The first will be last
The crown is cast

The scream goes on
Sweet mother ground
An Earthless void sings

The force is back
To remake the world with love
The faithful dance in expectation

The scream bereaved no more

Is loosed

The Aquarian Storm

She lost her days
in zoom call haze
sunless purpose stir
why’s it gotta be so hard, yet
I know I’m the fighter in-it
drug to morning
love to rise
after enlightenment
it’s still the stuff
to stay alive
in this new Aquarian
it’s quite an active way
so best remember play
sing to holidays
love and
dream and
it’s night awake
for we’ve dreamed a sin
that we are evil
crude and wan
but no, we have the light
and some give eyes
to a fire inside
the ruthless few
the dark suns among
I must remember that
this fire must be fed
so out from wan to wandering
don’t stop until you’re
spirit only

We see for thee

As the photographer
looks through his camera
at resplendent nature
we are the camera
and the photographer God
our eyes, our ears
our skin, our nose
these friends are the lens
transmitting shows
to a grateful God
or whatever you want
to call the thing,
the eye behind,
our being
watching what we see alone
our life a poem to the throne
a click, a shutter, a vision shown
the eyes of God
inside my earthly home

Change Delayed No More

We live in times
where reality is speeding up
and the people
in the muuuud
trying desperately to move! and change! with reality’s curves
but nothing moves
it can make you lose it
shaking, shocked with grief
hopeless yearning
When can
we overcome?
But here is my simple plan
The people filled with righteous fire
for justice!, equality!, liberty! all
Can bravely stand in comrades stead
And join and swing as a wrecking ball

Down the mountain

And suddenly the storm is gone
the smoke is cleared
the fire is out
But was it ever there?
I doubt it

I conjured up a fiery storm
so that I wouldn’t have to face
the awful, beautiful truth
of love
and death
and peace from gods

and so I know how it will go
I’m down from mountaintops
and feel so slow
I’ll miss this mess called Earth
so much
after hating all the drama’s
for two long score
it’s all so much

With tablets in my hands
I walk into the fire
I will not see the promised land
that’s fine because I’m tired