Master Addicts Fear the Slave

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White people have a hard time talking
about race
White culture is mostly just a terror
a fear that we can’t survive
on our own merits
after borrowing from and dominating
other peoples
for so long

We fear the pain that every human needs
We are addicted to being masters
and a master without a slave
is less than a human

When I lost so much privilege
I freaked out
and didn’t know how to survive
I learned
We can learn
We can sober up
but right now it’s just a terror
a running in circles from ourselves
a “HI! I’M GREAT! HOW ARE YOU?!” greeting
with nervous eyes
and a hungry mind

Hang out on the bottom for a while
and God will come
but not the silly white Jesus the masters invent
The one love and one global family God
The peace in your soul God
cause you know you can just relax
be honest
and smile

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