Starships of the secret power

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the poor
stricken with unfortunate weight
cattled through life
find power in the secret now
because they have to
or they will be swallowed up

there is a defiance
a defiance required to generate enough power
to never become what society expects for you
the lifetime fall
an oblivion of apathetic self-destruction

the poor and reviled
they must will their self-respect
like a starship
trying to escape the event horizon
of a black hole

Laozi said the Dao, that secret power
“dwells in places the masses of people detest”
and so the secret power is in the ghettos
because it has to be

the privileged rich have no need for power
unless it is purchased
they lead their diet Disney lives
where God is animatronic

their alternator’s shot
the wealthy dead inside
they stalk the poor like vampires
creativity on import

the secret empowered are all around
but they are often slandered
“Only a stupid artist!”
“Drug addict!”

but because they must
these rockets will continue to rise
angelic twice born butterflies
these rockets will continue to rise

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