Notes on Change

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In the long run, we get what we expect for ourselves. If we put qualities of life in a basket marked “Impossible,” they will never arise. We throw happy and peaceful and harmonious in the basket, laughing cynically at those who still believe in such ridiculous concepts. In this way, we forget our birthright: our nobility and our infinitude. We delude ourselves of our potential and label the rocket engines beneath us as mere chairs to sit on. A sapling of a Redwood tree is a giant tree in potentia. We are all the highest high, in potentia. But zombified and shameful we limp wanderingly into the desert of the predictable, the deadlands of “not possible,” substituting resentment for fulfillment.

Change is possible although nearly illegal, so it is understandable that people don’t believe they have the power to transform their lives by mere thought. But I have and continue to do so. There is a process for doing so, but it can be difficult to understand and can take years or decades to achieve. If one does not believe in life after death, there seems little point to attempting dramatic and fundamental changes that require obsessive dedication and self-sacrifice.

Death is not what most modern humans believe it is. This world is the dream and we return to the real world upon death. After death, we will wake up, remembering our true nature and our last memory before we were born on Earth. We will remember what our mission was on Earth and we will compare our intentions for this life to what we actually achieved. If we did not fully live out our character on Earth, we will come back to Earth or a similar planet to try again. The lesson must be learned.

When one finally arrives at the truth, we see that it is very simple. So simple is it that trying to explain it to others seems like quite the confused affair. Poetry and music seem to do it best, so I’m a songwriter. I’ve published quite a bit of material and am playing a show this coming Sunday. I don’t know that truth can be easily transmitted in an essay. It must be seen in the monitor of one’s third eye or felt in one’s heart. It can be transmitted by resonance though. One can behave in resonance with divine truth and others can possibly align their being with the resonating frequency they are perceiving from the divinely inspired individual.

Imagine you were never born
Imagine you will never die
Imagine that you chose to be exactly where you are
Imagine you are God
Merely become what you desire

There seem to be only two choices of understanding: the choice to see that one has choice or the apathetic slavery to instinct.

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