Being bullied actually means that you are awesome

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I was bullied and alienated as a child, and I’ve always been taught to see it as a tragedy that I should cry about in therapy for a decade.

But I realized recently that I was bullied as a child for being smart, sensitive, and unique. So the fact that I was bullied actually means that I’m amazing and special. And I survived it, so I’m amazing AND tempered like steel. It seems to me that bullying is an attempt to get certain kids to throw the amazing parts of themselves in the trash. But if you love yourself, and you reclaim those parts that are derided and laughed at, while smiling back at the attempts at oppression, you are a superhero.

You could say that we are born amazing home-cooked meals, and we are pressured by society into switching that out to be a medium chicken McNuggets. Be the own special meal that you are. The McNuggets of the world will be jealous if you are a home cooked meal, and they’ll try to get you to conform so they aren’t reminded of what they gave up. But don’t fall for it. You are delicious the way you are, lol. Even with all the dipping sauce in the world, the McNuggets of the world can’t compete if you are what you were born to be. ❤️😊

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