What is Real Christianity? It is Total Liberation, and it is Illegal.


The early Christians were a radical gnostic liberation cult that was transformed into the Catholic Church by the Roman empire. All of the liberating aspects were removed and transformed into a Pope worshipping society. The Catholic Church has been garbage from the beginning. The Protestant church is only moderately better. Jesus, if that was his real name, taught his followers how to exit the simulation. It was too much for the people invested in worldly power. You can learn this liberating technique today, but it has been successfully stigmatized as mental illness, antisocial behavior, and dangerous psychology. Believing that material reality is all there is is the actual dangerous belief. I’ll give you a clue about what leads to liberation. Psychedelic drugs help. Androgyny helps. Hearing your conscience speak in your head helps. Energy work definitely helps.

You can be liberated, but you might be hated in the process. That’s just the trade-off for peace of mind and salvation.

10 comments on “What is Real Christianity? It is Total Liberation, and it is Illegal.”

    1. That’s great! I don’t think that all Christians are liars or non-spiritual, but I do think that the orthodoxy only goes so far into how to become Christ.


  1. Are you Indian? I had an epiphany last night that Christianity is the religion of Kali Yuga. Christ was accepted into heaven but his path was arduous. Basically in the modern age we need more than simple spirituality to become saved. We need Sangha, psychedelics, texts, and more. I think Christ was likely using psychedelics of some sort. But that would make me an Arian Heretic I know


  2. English by tongue, British by nationality, Hindu by heritage, Catholic by conversion, Indian by extraction, etc etc. Kali Yuga is sometimes called “the age of vice”, but where vice prevails so all the more so does grace.

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      1. I originally came across it when i found it by a cross-referencing google – i.e. the phrase i was looking for a citation for came up with yours, i forget what the search phrase was now – something pretty innocuous, i don’t mean “something pretty innocuous” btw !…i’ll seek to find out later

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