Thoughts on the Cult of White Supremacy in the United States


The Cult of White Supremacy in the US
My realization that I was what society calls transgender was really a self-rediscovery. People like to say that things about ourselves can be hidden or buried, but often, they can be right in front of our noses, and we just get very, very good at self-denial and self-delusion because the acknowledgment of the thing is too painful or scary.

I discovered that I was born a feminine boy and then around age 5, I learned to be something that I was not, and it slowly killed me until my 30s when I gave up the false notion of myself. My mind was blown by the fact that I had completely forgotten something about myself out of fear of being ostracized.

Now, as I ponder the American problem, I see something right in front of my face that I now can’t unsee. White America tends to tell fairy tales about how happy and fulfilled they are, but if you are sensitive enough, you can see behind the masks of the average American to see how contrived and false this happy facade really is.

In cults, there is a strong tendency in the members to project a vision of perfection. I once read Kate Bornstein’s biography about being a member of the Scientology Sea Org as a repressed transwoman, and she said that everyone always let everyone else know how perfect and happy they were because anything less would be a personal failure. When a cult has stripped you of all of your other attachments in life, humans find themselves lying to not lose favor with the only attachment they have left, the cult itself.

I see this in American white culture. It’s true that some brown people have been integrated into the white power structure, but caucasian and Christian people are the primary administrators of American culture and standards of behavior to this day. And whiteness appears to be a cult.

Most white people are obsessed with projecting an image of perfect self-satisfaction and competence. But this is a passively aggressive lie meant to denigrate whomever you are talking to. White culture is the cult of dominating others. When your God is money and power, showering another person with all of your “successes” is a dominating act of aggression. The fact that no member of this cult wants to admit is that these “successes” are arbitrarily chosen. They work very hard creating models and theories to “prove” that the values of the cult of white supremacy are necessary and essential. When someone totally ignores these values and lives their life in a way counter to these values, a strong feeling of resentment builds up in the white cult member.

Now, for example, when a black man or woman doesn’t do this contrived activity of smiling and projecting utterly saccharine chipperness, they are labeled as angry. This is because the white cult member is threatened by this lack of participation. The black person is subliminally saying to the white cult member, in the cult member’s head, that the cult member is full of shit. Just by having a neutral facial expression, the black person is a threat to the white cult member. Denial needs to be fed constantly to overcome the everpresent thing trying to be denied, and anyone who challenges the basic tenets of the cult of white supremacy needs to either be silenced or explained away as insane.

What do you think?

2 comments on “Thoughts on the Cult of White Supremacy in the United States”

  1. I think you’ve got some small part of this right but that you’re failure to understand the larger truth causes you to reach false, anti-White / anti-American conclusions.

    Whites are not particularly bothered by those sorts who refuse to become part of our nation’s culture per se. We’re bother, to put it mildly, when they expect America to pander to them for doing so and spend our blood and treasure to raise them up to something close to an equality of outcome despite or because of their refusal to do what’s necessary to achieve that outcome.


    1. First of all, I’m white, and I’ve lived in white American culture my entire life. Second, most white people’s wealth is partially stolen from either slave labor or colonial appropriation. Of course this is not true for all white wealth, much is earned through labor. But all white people have a head start because they don’t have to deal with race in general. They don’t have to prove themselves to the dominant culture.

      If you can’t see this, I think you might be delusional. White people have benefited for centuries from exploitative, industrialized manipulation of poor people and the environment, and then they build gates and walls to keep that wealth from reaching the brown people around them.

      So in effect, that blood and treasure is stolen and it needs to be given back, first through reparations to black people. Then there are other means of returning stolen wealth.


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