Poem for the end

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We’ve been a fire burning
where the witless children danced around
and now the embers, smoldering,
like red-faced deities, playing clowns,
retort in chorus
that we ain’t done
unless she opts to fire the gun
and put me into my misery
deleting all those past reviews
the snuggling, loving, fucking too
the “why can’t we escape?”

when one star finds its other
and becomes a binary two
does the original star bemoan its fate?
does she say it’s now too hot
why did I go on that first date?

but here we are enmeshed
the oddest couple tested freshly
by the pain of gravity resisted
now we can’t go listless
we can only just revolve 
and spin around the other fool 
the other clown
will love, like spring unfurled, rebound?
or will some new supernova 
break the bonds and kill the plaintive pleadings of my heart

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