Her heart and moon


Did Prometheus go manic from his fire?
was he self-impressed and dominatingly intense?
Did he stand above all else
parading gaily with his novel torch?

Oh how lessons seem to manifest reversed
after hatred, fear, and loathing comes the curse

And so
With cruelty on display my shadow raged
the oft repressed dark venom lazed its target
setting blazes

yet she was crying to herself
hiding tears of soul’s dark nights inside
old Carl Jung was right
this dim projector beamed a light
upon her breast
and fearing not
while seeing all that wasn’t there
a strange hallucination of the will
degraded hasty judgments
to a dime-store sin

Though pain makes rain upon her sullen face
She’s moving onward thinking fate is new
Soar deities on demon wings with haste
to fill the hole and sate her heart and moon

2 comments on “Her heart and moon”

  1. Abbey, this is just so magnificent and fine…is it a lyric? The intermittent rhythms are haunting…the symbols bright and dark and deep…I have read it over close to ten times and find fresh layers on each successive dive….
    How lessons seem to manifest reversed….and yes, Old Carl Jung was right…
    You are performing the dance of nigredo in the refiners’ Fire
    And still emerge in softness and strength, the compassion of Kwan Yin,
    I’m just awestruck by what you’ve written.


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