Are we living in a simulation? Here is my model for a simulated existence.

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I dashed out the below philosophical model a few months ago, and then I was just interviewed for a documentary about Simulation Theory (the idea that we are living in a computer simulation). So I guess I ought to make this draft public here:

  1. Reality is best understood to be a simulation
  2. A human can be understood using the metaphor of an eye that stares at a screen composed of a number of pixels.
  3. Those pixels can modulate to create the images that we perceive and the sensations that we feel.
  4. This collective modulation of pixels creates waves of disturbance that we recognize as “objects.”
  5. These objects are not objects per se, but are waves in a medium of the field of pixels. Imagine that you are a baseball player looking at the fans in their seats doing “the wave.” You perceive the individual fans, but you also see a distinct wave moving through them.
  6. This is akin to a whirlpool that forms in a river. A whirlpool is a distinct structure within the water of a river, but it is not separate from the river, it is merely a configuration of the medium of the river.
  7. When one stares at a television with a movie playing on it, the pixels are in effect “collapsing” into either red, green, or blue.
  8. Modern physicists mistakenly believe that there is a distinction between perceiver and “objects” in reality, but this is an illusion. There is the underlying “screen” of reality, but it is a lower dimensional projection that imitates higher dimensions of reality.
  9. There are “objects” in that we are humans, and we need to eat and drink to “survive,” but this is akin to a video game, it is not “real” reality.
  10. The simulation is teleological in that we are “trapped” in this simulation in order to learn some truth or grow into some new form.
  11. We are like plants in a greenhouse. A greenhouse is not a real atmosphere, it is a simulated atmosphere. Once we grow into a form that can live in the “real” atmosphere, we will be planted in that atmosphere.
  12. New humans are planted into our simulation every day, but we do not know how long a human has been in the simulation.
  13. Some humans are older and more developed than other humans because they have been through more trials than other humans.
  14. Eventually, when spiritual attainment has been achieved, you exit the simulation and go to live in the higher plane of existence, which is really just outside of the data center that you are in at present.
  15. One day, we will be able to create our own simulation, and we will be able to mature our young people in this simulation just as we are matured in the macrocosmic simulation.
  16. The issue of “evil” is really just beings who are new to the simulation. As beings progress through the simulation, they gradually become less “evil.”
  17. Death within the simulation is not really death, but as in a video game, it is just a “reset.” If you die in a video game, you do not gnash your teeth and moan at the horror of it because you know that it is not real. In this way, reality is not real, and when you die, you either exit the simulation or just reset in a new form with new challenges.
  18. Our bodies are akin to remote-controlled drones. We must care for them as they are the conduit and eyes into this world. We exist remotely, but we are dependent on these bodies to live here.
  19. There are “gods” in this simulation, but they are merely system administrators. Their job is to ensure that you are progressing and growing along certain guidelines. They are like gardeners in the greenhouse. We know that if you want a plant to grow better, it needs to be trimmed occasionally. When one goes through struggle, it is merely a “trimming of your branches” so that you will grow in a better configuration.
  20. The gods are best to be thought of as athletic “coaches.” When one goes to the gym and is coached by a personal trainer, the job of the coach is to stress you and make you uncomfortable in order that you grow better. In this way, the gods stress you through forces, in reality, to ensure that you mature.

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