Imagine, America


Imagine an America where we honored the law and gave attention to individual misfortune.

Imagine an America where masculine and feminine energies were equal and integrated, like two sides to one golden coin.

Imagine an America where history was taught from an objective and subjective perspective, honoring the need for solid institutions but also respecting their fallibility and need for improvement.

Imagine an America where politicians were not rich and could not be bought by corporations more powerful than many countries.

Imagine an America where children were taught self-respect and compassion, honoring personal agency and selflessness.

Imagine an America where intellectuals were respected and listened to as valuable beacons of knowledge.

Imagine an America where true science was honored and diverse spiritual paths were also championed and encouraged.

Imagine an America where one didn’t have to go bankrupt to survive cancer.

Imagine an America where every child was taught critical thinking skills so they could truly question what they were consuming.

Imagine an America where labor unions were supported and cheered as vehicles of equality.

Imagine an America where we respected each other’s differences and made sure to care for strangers.

Imagine an America beyond patriarchy and beyond matriarchy.

Imagine an America where fear still existed but was overshadowed by love, community, joy, and reason.

Imagine an America.

That’s your job. We must be imaginative to survive. Be bold. Be strident. Be optimistic. Be real. Be exposed. Be revolutionary. Lay your fear on the altar of bravery and persist with joyous creativity.

Imagine, America

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