Love renewed from love unglued

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Oh Babylon
the kingdom comes
upon my breast
of wakened stressful hues
with what you said
when Mars invaded
leaving lovers dry, unsated
crying at the circumstance
a comic dance where fumbling ruled
I’ll hold your tender love
inside my heart

my me is you
I’m here unclothed
climb high upon my thighs and shout
this thing called us is fate’s pure clout

but then you said you must be gone
with swords drawn strong
we swung and cut
Once heroines, now vaults sealed shut

but then a root or shoot or ray
went back to her with a simple “Hey…”

I love you like the sun, my queen
I bow to kiss your cloven toes
Come dance with me again my twin
Like lanterns, we will burn and glow

1 comments on “Love renewed from love unglued”

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