Ritual love

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This is the new year
We rise, two lovers as one
In the heart of the city two witches ignite
Our fires combine swirling around the town
lightning from Aquarius pours down
between our thighs alive with pride unkempt
The fascination of our lips
and holy days in divey places
makes the Pope proclaim a holiday
and she, the Earth beneath the sage
goes lame in ecstatic revelry
We’re whole, divided
pieces of peace unpuzzled

Take this fire
these thirteen suns!
Burn within our sacred loves
Cast a devil’s conflagration
with this hex plus hex plus one
making scenes of horrid birthing screams
We the angels tasting eden
fall back down
to Earth
Now pregnant with the silvery rope that binds us
Valentine’s day’s the hallmark of our union
Under the moon
The universe in swoon
We merge within her soft cocoon

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