We need to stop with this left right nonsense. Everyone is both left and right in some measure. Find the middle.


You gotta be half severe as Stalin and half merciful as Mother Theresa. Yes, there are leftists who cling to and identify with victimization and in so doing try to escape from their own fears and inadequacies. There are fascists who cling to and identify with extreme judgmentalism as a salve for whatever trauma they suffered and can’t move past. We need to stop with this left right nonsense. Life is a balance between opposites. On one side is complete, loving union; on the other is stark separation. Every human organism must dialecticaly move between opposites to survive. Be male and female. Be left and right. Be ego and total spiritual dissolution. Strength lies in balance.

So who cares about this Jordan Peterson motherfucker? He’s not saying crazy things. He might be a little too severe for some or even me, but everyone has their overt and covert severity. Spamming memes instead of arguing is so 3rd grade.

I used to be really into Ayn Rand, like really into her. I went to the Objectivist speeches and read all of her books. But later I came to see her metaphysics as far too materialistic and severe and really just ignorant in many ways. However, I can still appreciate some of what she was saying about asserting yourself and being a radical individual. I mention that I used to be into Ayn Rand to some lefty types, and they sneer with dismissive derision. I had to explore the severe and later the merciful and find a balance.

America is like a brain without a corpus callosum, the structure which links the left and right hemispheres. We are like a person whose right hand is attacking their left and vice versa. Sadly, as many a wise person has uttered throughout history the answer will come in the middle. However, these days centrists are largely reviled. It’s much easier however to be totally reductive to one side of the spectrum because then you can just parrot slogans instead of alchemically balancing opposing sides to find a synthesis.

Will we elevate through the middle pillar to a beautiful balance? It’s going to happen on an individual level if anything. The reformation and revolution has to occur in individual hearts and minds. Then some good and novel synthetic balance might flower.

5 comments on “We need to stop with this left right nonsense. Everyone is both left and right in some measure. Find the middle.”

  1. Politics have become religion. God is dead. Purity spirals were a thing in religion. Now they are a thing in politics.

    Politics impacts real life. The purity spirals now impact law.

    You don’t sound very pure. No one will like you unless you’re pure. At least pretend. It is easy.


      1. Being pure is like drinking 2 liters of vodka. Someone who is pure or drank that vodka probably crossed a line, are now useless, and logic won’t work on them. If they come out of it alive, they will really regret what they did. It is also a good idea to stay out of their way in case they are violent.

        I was serious about the purity spirals, though. The next inquisition won’t be over Catholic dogma. It will be over something from the far left or the far right and it will involve identity. The more the left and right divide and lose their shared center, the more likely those purity spirals are to continue.


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