You, the trumpet, Blow!

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When we walk
through this circle
called Earth
rising and falling
ebbing and flowing
coming and going
we see
The circle plus time is a sine
with periods
awkward moments at parties
being alone amongst millions
the throbbing exultation of love
the cracking desert floor barrenness
of separation

Our impulse is to shun and close
to fight the now and hold our nose

But being open is the bliss
the bliss of mixed up happiness
with pain
The subtle rain of “where’d she go?”
but knowing it’s a rightful woe
We sigh and keep on feeling forward going on

I’ve been a soldier locked up tight inside my chest
I’ve seen my fellow transgirls drown in mess
a mess they didn’t make
towers downed by patriarchal quakes
Oh for holy heavens sakes
we go

We dress like fish who scorn the norm
swimming wrong because it’s right
Inside we blow and feed the lamp,
the fire of queerness they want trumped

Sing loud my fellow sisters sing
We’re the song that unseats kings
You’re the trumpet Jericho fears
The walls of “there are only two genders” will unglue
And all the naked emperors will in blushed embarrassment
to you

This is now the noblest time
Parade with me and sing the line
I am love, and you are too
We’re the future, bold and true

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