She goes as fast as she once came

One comment

She goes as fast as she once came
the only child of the sinister father, shame
a firebomb to our union because I spied
what fetid purge that’s called her heart
enmeshed in mine

So Go!
Take all your miseries, weeds, and smiles
Your eyes do lie like children
with their mouths all full
you’ve stolen from my multi-chambered cookie jar
too much

But yes I am the fool
for loving such a goat still bleating
I, the one who calls herself wise
found lame
and ignorant
and stupid

And yet I still desire her love, her body, her breath

what dream is this from which I can’t awake
that sings me songs and drives the crooked stake

1 comments on “She goes as fast as she once came”

  1. Amazing. I am tattooing this inside my eyelid so I can recite it while not sleeping. You have a razor sharp capacity for unforgettable words. Scary beautiful.
    Love from jodi


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