Ballad of a fool I sometimes know


A fool am I
so down and trodden
listing on a sea of vice
I wail
but no words come
just hopeful fodder
for the peace within I crave
that never shows

and then I’m back right
yet sorely left
I’m like an anvil
without the heft

My name is zero
so I can dream
of sailing away
to the lotus eater team

the Buddha had a toe in hell
knowing that this life is mixed
he touched the ground
and then was nixed

If you can’t laugh like a madman at this ridiculous show
you’ve let the illusion get you by the nose
All the important keepers of propriety will gaze and snort
but you’ll be free and freeness is noblest sport

2 comments on “Ballad of a fool I sometimes know”

  1. Hello there, I’ve read considerable amounts of informative stuff and interesting literature you’ve created and posted. I came across your page from a post concerning dxm. I found your opinion uplifting and intriguing. Thus said, I have tried just about everything to gain consistent realism without throwing myself overboard. L, fungi, deamsters, mda, pot, doctor prescribed crapola, opium, coke, and last but not least dxm. My goodness I’ve gone nuts trying to to figure out a solution to the insanity I live in. I’m a new Yorker born and raised and I realize it’s nuts and it makes me look nuts. Anyway to the point. I have been taking 20 MG of dxm 4 times a day, I used to swig bottles to, sometimes two. But what I’m adding to the table is a blast off once a day. It really does something I cannot explain. Dmt alone gives me an eye opener that hits home but doesn’t last, DMX does the opposite. It’s a nuts concoction but i thought I’d share with you. Here’s my number if you’d like to chat 3155233968


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