The Rain

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In times of screaming desperation
I often learned to go quiet
being tired of yelling at impenetrable walls
I went within

I’ve learned how I am wrong
since birth
since school
since fatherhood
since motherhood
since alienation
since now

And yet she stirs within me
the goddess
you can call her Mary
or Isis
or Sophia
or love

At first I was troubled
and then I was frozen
and now I am whole
tears streaming down my face
a desert where rain had not poured for years

In some old tome
a man named Elijah prayed fervently
that the rains would cease
and they did
and then he changed and prayed for their return
and they did

I know this drill
I prayed in fear that the clouds called my eyes would dry
so that the goddess within would at least be invisible
to the security forces prowling around me
scanning for tears

but now I know the price of that drought
and I raise my hands to my beloved in the sky
as the rain
it once again falls

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