Acid, a poem

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What is this, this unknown jest
where life is vague
and odd at best
where going forward on I’ve walked
and danced a little bit
to stir my soul within this fecund heart

but then the other night
surrounded by the fabled, foibled mystery
within your wanting eyes
I saw the old meteoric blaze
it’s just how revelation was supposed to be
the whole of damnation in your gaze

and then in darkness
like Ezekiel’s wheel come down
what we saw while sitting staring on your bed
Our inner demons took off their human suits
and said hello
but quickly realized they were just beasts
no more and no less

Two animals unclothed and pulsing there
The stars above our heat
the coldest blanket to ever keep us warm

In this magic, an inverted hell
we fell
we fell
we fell
we fell

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