North Korea and the power of Pluto

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I had this vision of deep darkness last night right before I learned that North Korea tested a bomb. There’s a reason that Plutonium is named after the ancient God of the dead. Plutonic energy is important because it tears down old and dying structures so that something new can be built in their place, but this energy can also be woefully destructive if not used properly. We all need to bring our feminine and masculine energy into alignment. This might sound like a non-sequitur, but the destructive power of an atom bomb lies in each and every one of us. We must tame it in our hearts to find global peace. Like attracts like, and our wanton pursuits of short-sighted gain at the expense of a more balanced viewpoint will lead to our suicide as a people. Life will go on, but our story will be lost. All humanity’s dreams over the epochs will be lost. When we destroy the present, we destroy the past along with it.

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