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I suspect that people think I’m slightly off and a little dogmatic. Honestly, I’ve just adapted to a hard life, and I got really scared by death and suicidality, so I have my ways of just dealing with the shitty situations in my life. They can be extreme, but my situation has been extreme. I really just want to connect with people but I’ve been plagued by disease and malapropism. I’ve been rejected and sick my whole life. I’ve always felt like an extreme outsider and it has been reaffirmed by my life. I don’t want to cry over every oppressed identity; I just want to explain to my friends why I can be odd. Being me has been hard at times, but I’ve found a life for myself. I’m happy now. I have peace. 

Being roundly rejected for something over which you have no control is very challenging. But then again God or whatever runs this show thinks we might be just the people who can handle it. I don’t know. I’m just trying to connect.

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