America the free

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America the free
let’s be honest
how much frowning can you do
at your job
before you become
We were sold on the great machine!
the industrial, the mighty, the give me more dream!
but now we realize what the price was
had to sell your wildness to the doorman
got a lousy hand-stamp and a cheap mug
Am I old enough to drink this?
But people do not talk
about the cruel realities of now
they’d rather go on yelling
at least I’m not that other guy!
He’s brown and weird and probably high
this will all blow over in season 2
America the free
let’s be honest
we’ve got 64 billion metaphors
and rephrasings of
we can’t talk to each other
too old too young
too northern too southern
it’s the hungry something
pacing and cussing
tearing all our holies from us
leaving nothing but our lustings
America the free
you get what you pay for

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