When I came out


When I came out, I looked a normal boy
so just on cue, a most shrewd nurse,
with moves so perfectly rehearsed
leaned to grab a just washed sheet

It was the blue one for the men
cause chromosomes don’t ever lie
And boys are such congratulations
from the man, the patriarchal sky

But noticing not, the ticking bomb
the metronome of truth inside
they gave me my first macho stamp
and sang my manly praises as I left

And then a score and a half elapsed
and in my inner eye I heard a little tap
some girl I knew was winking back
in my ethereal mirror as I gasped

So terror gripped my Adam frame
What message has this Eve relayed?
What freak am I? Has God gone daft?
This gender gander broke my perfect life

But now I know what purpose there
that girl within was sending out
For fate has shown what specimen I am
Through all this hazy stumbling change

Along my path I met an old forgotten sage
This dragon man or maybe woman said
know the male but live in the feminine
become a flowing waterfall to a parched and arid world

3 comments on “When I came out”

  1. What an incredibly beautiful and well written poem. Your poem truly has struck a chord in my heart. May i please make a copy of it and keep it by my bedside?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Feeling i get when it ended so quickly i think it is incomplete either you skipped some thoughts in the flow or i am unable to get the real ending of the poem
    And the really good side is
    ‘An incomplete tend to attract more attention and evokes mind’


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