My Principles for Staying Awake

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I just scribbled these down after a burst of inspiration.

  1. 95% of people are asleep in the fear nightmare world. Even those who think they are awake are probably still buying into it and polluting their minds with fear, anger, and doubt.
  2. The collective dream of America is delusional and does not logically conform to reality.
  3. Reality is God, which I see as a father figure. It is all pervasive.
  4. We all exist in some hierarchical level of God. I exist at present in God’s eye.
  5. You must use visualization, alchemy, meditation, divination, and psychedelics to see your true self, and you can easily forget your true self and slip back into delusion.
  6. You can change your true reality through thought and intention.
  7. There are moral rules to true reality, but this mainly is just a restatement of the notion that there is reality, and there is delusion.
  8. Ignore the people totally lost in their fear dreams, the walking dead. Let them die. Focus on the alive, positive, energetic, and creative people who are in touch with true reality. The walking dead have to be reborn if they want to live, but they have to want to do this themselves. The best way to convince them that they should be reborn is to be an alien of love in their nightmare. Then they might see that they are actually dreaming the terror of the world. Then if they need your help, you can offer it on your terms from your awake and positive state. Don’t go to the nightmare world. It’s a trap.
  9. You must learn to see the assumptions of your thoughts. These are more important than the particulars of the thoughts. When you make a thought, it is composed of the assumed ideas. These compositional ideas resonate, echo, and reverberate forward through time. You are dealing with the echoes of old thoughts right now. Change your present thoughts, and the future will either become more love focused or more fear focused.
  10. Material comfort is mostly relative. You actually need very little to be happy. We drown ourselves in material things to cover up the stench of our prior nightmare based thoughts of fear, anger, revenge, etc.
  11. The waking up process requires that you die to the old dream. This will not go easily. You will absolutely believe that you are dying. This is why sometimes people who are excluded from society or exiled might be more in touch with true reality. Their death was forced upon them. But you must make the switch. In reality, you are just flipping a magnet around or reversing the polarity. You are not really dying. Death is just change. You must do this change bravely and courageously! Push through to the real, and stand up straight when you get there.
  12. Christ consciousness is the alignment with true reality, and you can become like Christ. Don’t believe the people who say that Jesus Christ was not a man. He became one with the Christ spirit.
  13. There is a supernatural flow in life because we are all connected in God. This manifests in synchronicity.
  14. Proclaim true reality as loud as they proclaim the nightmare hell reality.
  15. There is an alchemical, yogic process for inner realignment that requires a great deal of life energy to achieve. You must find a true source of power or a combination of sources. I found a certain way. I do not know what this way is for everyone. They will have to climb the mountain themselves. But if you start, forces will come to your aid. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.
  16. You should expect to be persecuted for leaving the hell dream reality. I expect to be persecuted. Even if I’m not, I expect it, and it gives me peace. I have been given a vision that this might happen, but I have been instructed to smile through it and stay in the real.
  17. This is just a start. There is much more. Much of it is best learned on your journey. If you’ve already gone through this, then Hello!! 🙂
  18. Walk out of hell. You can do it. 🙂

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