My name is ZeroNom

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“‘Cyclops, you asked my noble name, and I will tell it; but do you give the stranger’s gift, just as you promised. My name is Nobody. Nobody I am called by mother, father, and by all my comrades.’

The Odyssey

I have many names, but my truest name is nothing. Therefore, I have adopted the pseudonym of ZeroNom, which means Zero (from the Sanskrit Śūnyatā meaning emptiness and voidness) Nom (from the Latin root for name). Life was previously a struggle, until the goodness beyond my control decided to drop a heavy cross upon my shoulders. This cross presented me with the option of sitting down and dying or pushing forward and dropping all weight from my ego so as to compensate. At first I chose the former. Then, through providence, I chose the latter. Now, through grace and mercy, I have come to see that letting all preconceptions of name, rank, family, wealth, class, and all other designations of the human social condition I have become free.

The funny thing is that I didn’t choose this name, or lack of name, on purpose. It was a subconscious whisper of fate. But, as with many things on this journey, in retrospect it has proven to be perfect. My God is the void, that from which springs all form. I know it as the Tao, God, Brahman, Keter, and many other names. I have sought to become one with the void, and I have had to die to the forms with which I used to identify. Through this happy death, worry has diminished. I am not the void now, but I am going there, or I am there, or whatever. With the non-dual void, words begin to fail. I also know it as love.

Also, I follow the words of Lao Tzu:

One who seeks knowledge learns something
new every day.
One who seeks the Tao unlearns something
new every day.
Less and less remains until you arrive
at non-action. [*]
When you arrive at non-action,
nothing will be left undone.

Tao Te Ching chapter 48

Be well my friends. Have a noble day.


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