Choose your way forward. Bliss and freedom are one way if you so desire. Death is merely change.

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It is only when we embrace death that we are free. If we see death as a terrible thing, then we will scurry as far away from it into fear as possible. We see the big Death where our bodies die, and we don’t see that it is really just one part of death that it all around us and that death really is just change. We must submit to change, and accept the beauty of it. Then we will die to our fear and have freedom in what has been called God but is really just a state of mind, a higher form of intelligence. This human existence is just one point on our journey to a higher vibration. This journey has had its ups and downs. It is a dialectic waveform. But we climb this mountain nonetheless

If we want to rest and go downward, this is not a problem, but this decision will carry with it consequences. We are moving up into love, and we can move away from love. When our bodies die, we are reborn where we are when we die, and we continue our journey in the next life, be it of a higher or lower vibration. Curiously enough we can feel this vibratory process if we listen correctly. It has a sound in our consciousness. Also, moving up the vibrational ladder requires sacrifice. This is the process of detaching from karmic experiences of the past. This is pain. In fact death is painful, and this is why we choose stagnation, but when we change and move through our little deaths, we experience a greater and more profound love called bliss. The karma is torn from our bodies, and our inner light more illuminates our existence.

What is the key to moving upward to bliss? Realize that there is an awareness in you that will not change even though your particular forms of your reality change. This intelligence will stay. Then you can go boldly through life and find out for yourself what works. You will stumble. This is fine. But you have an inner intuition to guide you. Learn to communicate through this intuition to the forces we variously call God or gods or angels or spirits. And they will assist you until you realize that they are just your future you that you are becoming. We can become God or we can become lower things. It is your choice.You are free.

Be well today. The light of love is shining. Peace is here. Take up your sword of justice and cut your path to your happy destiny.

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