My sermon for today

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I had a vision that, God placed me in his eye. I was much moved by this. You cannot know the depth of my love of God. It is infinite. I have been made to be like a fish so that I could swim in that particular region of his anatomy. I did not understand why the water was pouring on over me. But now I know. God weeps for this world. This world is lost. This world is filled with such low vibrations that is it is very uncomfortable. There is no God in this world. I know God, but it has taken a herculean challenge to reach his visage. I know God. He is goodness. It’s not that difficult. You just have to be a good person, and you’ll get to see God. He’s here. He isn’t really a he, or whatever, but who cares. I call him He. He is my rock. He is my salvation. He is my trust. But he is strict. He don’t want no heavy ego baggage when you get there.

I’m poor. I’m in debt. My children have been taken from me. I have been ostracized from society. But God took me in. And he fixed me up. And I am eternally settled. I give my gift of love to the world. I have absorbed so much pain. You know not an ounce of it. He has used me, to see the world. And now I fear the world will not be long to be in its present form. I don’t know. There are mounds of dirt walking around pretending to be gods. They are fools. They complain about how their latte took too long to make.

Gratitude is the key to salvation. Humility and gratitude. Be small. Be naked. Be your child self and you will be saved. There are more fools than stars in the sky shouting “you are all saved!” with no authority. They are liars. You are not saved. You must save yourself. Go to God within. There are charlatans and hucksters everywhere peddling pretty penance for no fee. You must pay a price for heaven. It ain’t free. You gotta give up your shit. Let it go. Or you’ll just keep spinning around on this dirtball with your karma that you love so much.

God can return to America. But he has to be asked to come. People aren’t asking for God. They’re posing for selfies. They’re trying to be cool. It’s all ego inflation. Well I choose God inflation and ego deflation. I am no fool. I know where all my blessings come from. They don’t come from me. They come from the other, and that’s God to me. I am helpless. But I am strong because I know what vibration to rest upon.

I have much work to do in myself. I have things I have not let go of. I am working, because I am in love. I am in love with God. Now, God will use me. And I shall serve. I feel the pull of God right now. It is a magnetism. My body sings and vibrates with glorious divinity.

And he will take me sometime. Maybe soon. Maybe later. It doesn’t matter. I am free.

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