Praise be to my suffering, my greatest guru

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I thank God for my suffering! It is through this miraculous gift that I have been cleansed so that I may see the true reality. His curses are my blessings. But I have never starved. I have never frozen. I have always eaten well. I have always been cared for even in my most wanting. Much horror has passed before my eyes, but I am honored to have seen this suffering and to walk through it nobly. Now, there is only God, Brahman, Keter, the Elohim. I am made whole by being broken. I am made to live by tasting death. My fears have died, and my eye looks only upon that light above. I know I will have bliss for the rest of my days, because I know pain, and I expect pain. It is nothing now. Just an annoyance. I will falter, but it is my test. I walk forward with a happy heart, my eyes open to the joy because the pain is expected. I am a happy nothing with the world before me.

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