Reality, you trickster! You almost had me for a minute. Then I remembered to laugh!

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Oh 2016. Hahaha! The world has been very much trying to prove to us that it is permanent, when those of us in the know realize that it is all just an impermanent cycle that has been repeating for all time.

“But Donald Trump is extra scary!!!” OK, maybe he is extra threatening to my body, that doesn’t mean I can’t laugh at him with the truth that I’ve seen this all before. Life is defined by dukkha, a Buddhist/Indian concept which I like to translate as disappointment. The world is going to let you down, but that has always been and always will be in this realm, and that is not a problem! Liberation from suffering, which is the hot friction that is created when we try to remove pain and dissatisfaction from the world, is definitely possible in spite of disappointment.

I like to do a sort of strange yoga pose that is slightly Western. I assume the position of a cross with my body. I spread my arms out wide horizontally, and I stand very tall. I imagine all of the tricksters and bullies of the world booing and throwing rotten tomatoes at me, and I smile at it. I smile broadly with the knowledge that I determine my happiness and not them. And then I usually begin to laugh at the silliness of fear. Hahaha!

Oh my friends, smile with the deep knowledge of enlightenment whether or not you think you are enlightened or not. Remember that the light comes from within and not from without. Turn the flashlight on inside, and let it shine forth to a sometimes dark world. Be bold in your knowledge of the reality of dukkha and dissatisfaction and the truth of our liberation from suffering. Pain will be there. Smile at it. Be nice to it. Welcome it.

And have great gratitude for everything, not just the “good.” The world is achingly beautiful and funny. We are so blessed with our existence. Be well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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