My Ode to /r/Psychonaut

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Over the last 5 years or so, my consciousness has gone through a giant growth spurt. Psychedelics and wisdom traditions have been the fertilizer that has nourished my nascent expansive consciousness. I have said and done some totally wacko things online and in real life. In retrospect what appeared to have been insane at the moment actually fit into a larger pattern of growth and development. In this respect, I believe that it’s important that we unfetter ourselves enough so that our inner tree can really thrive and grow with verve and gusto!

Being able to post on /r/Psychonaut has given me a spiritual musical instrument of communication that I can wail away on in order to understand what the hell is going on inside of me. In the past I censored many of my posts because they were just too “out there.” But now, I tend to let it all hang out, and I believe it’s been to my advantage in terms of spiritual/psychological growth.

Psychonaut is a very special place on the Internet. The Internet has been overrun with quite a lot of negativity and fear. Negativity and fear have their place, but it’s wonderful that there is a place where we can really just barf up our experiences in hopes of understanding them, because when you are a consciousness, understanding your own consciousness is the hardest feat of all. We need a mirror that is clean and objective. We need to be able to do our experiments in consciousness and personal alchemy with a reasonable amount of tolerance and understanding.

And you know what? This sub has that. It’s pretty fucking awesome. We should be proud of ourselves! So when there’s that guy who’s posting while on DMT and Acid and saying “the core of the core is the core!! It’s all cores!!” I’m gonna celebrate that guy, cause I’ve been that guy, or girl. 🙂 The inside of my mind is the strangest thing I can imagine, and that’s so cool! Fuck, life would be boring if our minds were just linear number crunching processors.

I’ve cross posted things on other “spiritual” subs and gotten completely different reactions, some good, some bad. Usually the other subs are more restrained and critical. In this sub, I’ve had some of the most positive and glowing reactions, and I want to bow in obeisance to that energy. We tend to think that being “spiritual” is sitting and being controlled and calm. I suppose there is time for that, but right now I’m totally feeling the explosive geyser of positivity reaction.

Much love I humbly send out there to thee
Consumer of my paean to our sublime community

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