rehab laundry

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Walking the halls of rehab
after the crashes
the sullen mug shots next to each room
salute the scary present
almost everyone is gone to an event
the detox tumbleweeds skip by

Maybe this is the beginning
in an old converted hotel in downtown Portland
writing from the second floor
last night a woman in the building next door
screamed help for twenty minutes straight
nobody took her seriously

The crack smoking homeless man
with a voice like a robot with a tracheotomy
is back tonight outside our windows
he’s entertaining invisible friends with a story
and we can’t help but laugh
even though we know it’s sad

We’re sad people
making happy faces
but some of us can’t hold on
they explode on random days like colorless fireworks
and the smoke just blows away
no band plays
no one applauds
it’s the night before Easter
and Jesus is still dead

Redemption and resurrection always play like fairy tales
you have to take a chance on crazy to believe them
and crazy is very unfashionable
people are loaded up on stupefying medications
so they don’t appear crazy

Crazy is crazy, but sanity is death
so you load up on Percocet, alcohol, and meth
and sing to the sirens to take you away
and end up in rehab alone with the brave

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